Vision & Mission

Provide opportunities for athlete to develop sports career pathways or transform to international standards

Provide equal opportunities for both boys and girls

Produce young male and female athletes of the standard required to participate at an elite or professional level either worldwide darts tournament

Improve the quality of training and education provided in sport for youths throughout the region

Raise the standards of players and coaches and ancillary sports practitioners in worldwide from the local level to an international level

Through darts, develop athlete into responsible, healthy and active members of society

Oversea Sponsored Players

Local Sponsored Players

Join us!

We love to work with fellow darts players to promote our love for this sport - from professional players to up coming talents.

For those players who feel they have what it takes to join the Darts Factory family, please reach out to us with your name, email and rating.  Tell us why you would be a good candidate, and other info such as darts competition results and your highest count-up score.

To maintain open-ended fairness in the targeting of potential sponsored players, we will review each darts player’s ranking and joined tournament results.

We will let you know within 7 days if application is successful.